Date/Time  4pm  4pm  5pm  5pm
April 15 -- cancelled due to weather   Titans v Colts  Jaguars v Packers   Bears v Browns  Bengals v Seahawks
April 22  Browns v Seahawks Bears v Bengals    Colts v Packers  Titans v Jaguars
April 29  Bears v Packers  Titans v Seahawks Bengals v Jaguars  Colts v Browns
May 6  Jaguars v Browns  Bengals v Colts  Titans v Bears  Seahawks v Packers 
May 13 Bengals v Titans  Packers v Browns  Jaguars v Seahawks Bears v Colts 
May 20  Colts v Jaguars -- 5pm Seahawks v Bears -- 5pm Packers v Titans -- 6pm Browns v Bengals -- 6pm

May 27 -- Memorial Day Weekend NO GAMES

June 3  Packers v Bengals Browns v Titans  Seahawks v Colts   Jaguars v Bears  



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